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Thursday, May 06, 2004

I was just getting under the eventing support in java from a developer persepective. I wanted to define my own eventing system for a asynchronous response problem.

An good Tutorial on swing eventing is Lesson: Writing Event Listeners.
The important classes in this case are :-
  • EventListener
  • EventObject
The above classes are well explained in User defined Event Listeners Article. But the story doesn't end here,
the other eventing classes that i saw are the following:-
  • javax.swing.event.EventListenerList
  • java.util.EventListenerProxy

Now the important point is that both EventListerList and EventListenerProxy can play an important role in the implementation of the java based eventing solution.

So why are they not defined in java.util.* or say* ?

It seems a Generic Eventing Base has never been of importance to JDK Developers. (A possible project !!).

I leave you thinking for the same.