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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I finally decided to restart my Blog , today ;-) . The best think i can think about to talk today is the new Ubuntu 7.04 Desktop Edition.

I recently installed the Ubuntu, after being an Fedora user for 5 yrs. I use Linux whenever i can in my profession as an java programmer. During college we used it extensively to do our project work, in both C and java.

I have been following the redhat and fedora distributions for 7 yrs now.I feel Ubuntu is gone a long way in making my life simple. I am particularly impressed by:-
  • Boot time
  • Hardware support
I haven't explored a lot so cannot comment a lot about it. But i did use the following tips to make the stuff better.

  1. Setup tmpfs on /tmp
  2. I have used it in Fedora also, this would help a lot.

  3. Install smBackup for system backup.

  4. change vm.swappiness value to 10
  5. i have a 2GB ram, i would be evaluating it before making it 0 ;-)

Screenshot of my new Ubuntu desktop


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