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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Working in Ubuntu World

I have been around 15 days in Ubuntu, it means both kind of good and bad.

  • I connected my Canon Digital Camera, and i easily downloaded my photos, something i never did successfully earlier.
  • I am able to play most of the media files, quite a large improvement.
  • My eclipse ide works great on Ubuntu. I have to still figure out how to manage multiple java version.


I think the one and most important bad for me in the X configuration domain. I have been used to gui based X configuration for years now in fedora and redhat. Ubuntu doesn't have a proper X configuration Util. The non-gui stuff is non-intuitive , it takes ages to surf the web for right configurations.

I have had problems twice with X, once while using the projector and again with Configuration of Dual Monitor. Probably, Some how i am biased towards the fedora's gui dual head configuration.

I have finally found the configuration that works for my Dell D600 Laptop. I would have to say that Ubuntu forums did help me a lot to reach this working version.

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