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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ubuntu Journey

I am back with my Ubuntu Journey. After talking about my experience with support of some devices in Ubuntu last week. I would continue my discussion with the support of my printer.

I recently bought brand new HP F2120 All-in-One printer. An excellent piece of hardware for my home use. Its printing , copying and scanning support fits well in my day to day home use needs.
The printer ships with custom drivers for windows on a CD. And obviously the linux drivers are not available. I wanted to setup the printer in Linux and interesting it failed to work initially. I was also interested in setting it up as a scanner with the xsane tool.

I searched and found hplib package is required for this printer. I installed hplib using apt-get and it worked !

Pretty soon, I would try to blogging using optical character recognition(OCR). I have already installed tesseract-ocr based on the recommendation on the web.


Prosenjit Bhattacharyya said...

Hey Saurabh,

Pretty cool stuff!!! Yeah I have fiddled around with Ubuntu for some time. Where it scores over Fedora or SuSE is on the user-friendliness parameter. A suggestion - how about starting a How-To section on getting certain pieces of hardware to work with Ubuntu?

- Prosenjit Bhattacharyya

Saurabh said...

Hi Prosenjit,

Thanks for your comments, i would be happy to create few ubuntu howtos. Can you elaborate specific devices you are interested in. Since there is lots of stuff available on the net. i would be willing to create an How To, if one doesn't exist for the same.