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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ubuntu(7.04) and Eclipse.

Today, let us talk about eclipse 3.3 on Ubuntu. Being an Java Programmer, eclipse plays an important role in my life.

Installing Java

I have installed JDK 1.6 from the multiverse repository for Ubuntu 7.04 . The process involves downloading sun-java6-jdk package from the multiverse repository.

Installing eclipse

I downloaded eclipse archive from the eclipse site, unzipped it and executed the eclipse binary. It easily detected the jdk and worked great. Performance was also good.

All was not over, once i started with some serious memory hogging stuff using GMF on eclipse, the ide started to crash. This happened a number of times, i tried increasing the memory but it didn't help. Finally, after a lot of searching i found refers to issue in the jdk with reference to perm space. It seems some people have successfully resolved it my increasing perm size, but it didn't work for me.

I finally decided to install jdk 1.5, the jdk 1.5 package is sun-java5-jdk , and it ships jdk 1.5.0_11 on (Ubuntu 7.04). And switched the default java to 1.5 using update-alternatives command.The perm space issues are resolved in 1.5.0_8, so the later versions worked perfectly. Once i upgraded and started using the new jdk with eclipse i have not faced the permspace issues.

Eclipse on Ubuntu gives me good performance, specially good behaviour in compiling large projects.

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